Watercolour Paintings by Tony Slater



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Venetian Gallery

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From the Academia

Evening Stroll

Santa Maria della Salute

Off to Work

Dogano da Mar
watercolour painting of the Fish Market
The Fish Market

The Gondola Boat Yard

The Start of a New Day

Watercolor painting "Venice Fantasy"
Venice Fantasy

The Rialto Bridge
Watercolor painting of the Via Garibaldi, Venice
The Via Garibaldi
Watercolour Painting "Morning Light, Venice"
Morning Light
watercolor painting of Venetian Gate
Venetian Gate
watercolor painting "Mooring posts, Venice"
Mooring Posts, Venice
Watercolour painting of a Venetian Doorway
Venetian Doorway
Watercolour painting "An Early Start"
An Early Start
Watercolour painting of view towards San Giorgio Maggiore
Towards San Giorgio Maggiore

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