Watercolour Paintings by Tony Slater



Boxed Sets of my Watercolours.

Each box contains three 10ml tubes of Sennelier artist quality watercolours
and represents a considerable saving at £12.99 plus £2.00p post and packing (£3.00p if ordering more than one set).

"Atmospheric Additions"
"Transparent Primary Colours"
"Colourful Darks"

This box of three exciting colours is a 'must have' as an addition to your palette to create atmosphere in your paintings.

Over the years that I have been using Sennelier Extra Fine Watercolours I have been drawn more and more to these three colours not only for their stand alone qualities but possibly more importantly for the colours that can be obtained when mixed with the
everyday colours of your palette.

The 10ml tubes of Artist Quality watercolours are:
Aureolin: - Try it with any blue to create natural greens or on its own or with Chinese Orange to add sunlight as a glaze.
Carmine: - More subtle than Alizarin Crimson. Mixed with Ultramarine gives a range of soft mauves.
Chinese Orange : - A unique colour which I fell in love with as soon as I tried it. Great on its own but mixed with Ultramarine give all the greys you could wish for - mixed with Pthalo Blue for dark summer greens.

All the colours are transparent and therefore perfect for glazes.

e-mail me for further information and to order your set.

An essential set of colours for any palette - the three primary colours from which every other colour is produced.

I choose to use these colours for three main reasons. They are all:

      • Transparent
      • Single Pigment
      • Light Fast

The 10ml tubes of Artist Quality watercolours are:
Ultramarine Deep - a versatile blue
Sennelier Red - almost Cadmium Red but transparent
Sennelier Yellow Light - strong neat and subtle in washes.

All three colours give wonderfully clean mixes.

A perfect introduction to Sennelier Extra Fine Watercolours at an affordable price.


e-mail me for further information and to order your set.

I have always maintained that the dark areas within a painting should be as colourful as the light areas. Most people seem afraid to mix strong dark colours so in an effort to help you overcome this I have chosen these three colours.

The 10ml tubes of Artist Quality watercolours are:
Pthalo Blue: - a rich transparent blue.
French Vermillion:- an intense red.
Burnt Sienna:- to give darks with most blues, but with Pthalo Blue to give natural dark greens.

For best results these pigments are best mixed almost neat from the tube - use very little water.

Mix any two of these colours to experiment with the darks you prefer - CAREFULLY mix all three and see what happens!!


e-mail me for further information and to order your set.


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